Build one package and turn it into a standard TeX Live package file installable with `tlmgr install --file`

Norbert Preining norbert at
Wed Nov 30 01:08:08 CET 2022

Hi Sergio,

> - tlmgr gives a weird warning: TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove:
> neither checksum nor checksize available for
> /tmp/VjScgU1jD8/ujEJh0D00m/dvisvgm.x86_64-linux.t
> ar.xz, cannot check integrity

Yes, because the checksums come from the tlpdb, and you are installing
directly from tar.gz. I guess the warning should be silenced in this
case ;-)

> - seems strange there is not an automatized tool to built the tar.xz package

There is of course
but all is tweaked to building from a standard layout. The container
itself is trivial and as you found, just a tar.xz, plus the .tlpobj

> Any clue?

On what?

Karl also answered you already most of the things ...

> I don't expect the dvisvgm package to be updated before TL23, but if it
> is, you can just overwrite the reinstalled binary again from the "second
> copy".

Or put
	update-exclude = dvisvgm.x86_64-linux
into your tlmgr.conf file.

>     - Is it possible to make a standard TeX Live package file (with 
>     contained tlpobj file) that I can pass to other people and that can be 
>     installed via `tlmgr install --file`?

You did install it, right? It works.

>   export GS_OPTIONS=-dNEWPDF=false

Good question.



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