installation fails with scheme not defined(?)

Hannes Brandstätter-Müller hannes.mueller at
Tue Nov 29 06:04:50 CET 2022

Thanks Karl,

I managed finally to get it to work by totally redoing all the involved
files from the original pandoc source and re-adding the required
customization changes carefully. Don't know what happened there either, but
the error appeared consistently at the same location.



On Mon, Nov 28, 2022 at 11:26 PM Karl Berry <karl at> wrote:

> Hi Hannes,
>     not defined.e scheme-basic        <------------ this here
>     on-langpolish 0
> The output is being mangled, so there's no way to know what it is that's
> "not defined". Maybe you can separate stdout/stderr/whatever else.
> I doubt scheme-basic (or collection-langpolish) are the problem.
> More likely some kind of obscure Perl error (just a wild guess).
> Also, I don't understand why it's repeating the profile in the output,
> which is apparently what's causing the mangling. That's not
> something install-tl does. Maybe it's somehow writing the "output"
> profile to the terminal output in your environment?
> FWIW, I get no error with install-tl --profile /your/pro/file
> with current TL. --best regards, karl.
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