installation fails with scheme not defined(?)

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Nov 28 23:26:39 CET 2022

Hi Hannes,

    not defined.e scheme-basic        <------------ this here
    on-langpolish 0

The output is being mangled, so there's no way to know what it is that's
"not defined". Maybe you can separate stdout/stderr/whatever else.
I doubt scheme-basic (or collection-langpolish) are the problem.
More likely some kind of obscure Perl error (just a wild guess).

Also, I don't understand why it's repeating the profile in the output,
which is apparently what's causing the mangling. That's not
something install-tl does. Maybe it's somehow writing the "output"
profile to the terminal output in your environment?

FWIW, I get no error with install-tl --profile /your/pro/file
with current TL. --best regards, karl.

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