dvisvgm needs rebuild to support ghostscript 10

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at icloud.com
Sun Nov 27 19:13:40 CET 2022

Actually on the Mac there's another Ghostscript-related patch


The problem is caused by changes in macOS, and arises on macOS 13 Ventura (from a month ago) and possibly the latest versions of macOS 12 Monterey earlier this year.

dlopen(), used by dvisvgm to find libgs, no longer searches /usr/local/lib when used in a hardened runtime such as distributed by MacTeX. It only searches /usr/lib (which cannot be modified even by root), not /usr/local/lib (which can). For everywhere outside /usr/lib, a full path is required.

So libgs isn't found, even though MacTeX installs it as an optional extra.

I agree with karl though: there's no need for a binary rebuild before TL 2023, the problem is easily taken care of using --libgs or exporting LIBGS.

Bruno Voisin

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