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Wed Nov 16 23:49:03 CET 2022


I suggest being a bit more specific in the questions you are asking, it
is hard to guess what you want to know. And sorry, no, I have no
intention to read your mind, that would probably make me sleepless for a
few months.

> What I am at present a bit short of is documentation about how the
> texlive/archive directory of packages is created. I was hoping there might

	mkdir ?

This is how directories are created on Unix.

If you ask how the contents of these directories are created:

	rsync of the master tlnet running via cron every day once.

If you ask how the original packages (.tar.xz) are created:


are the basic scripts. You can look at the script I used to update the
tlcontrib repository to see how it is done:

But above all ... you could have read the document that I have written
that explains everything ...


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