Updating tlmgr on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Jele, Harald harald.jele at aau.at
Thu Nov 10 15:56:31 CET 2022

Hi Willow,

since many years I work with the ubuntu installation of TeXLive. This for the reason that you need a proper packages system like apt to keep an installation running for years on many PCs, notebooks and all the other devices.
Since ubuntu uses the debian texlive packages I have a debian testing in parallel in a virtual machine, just to see if the debian testing people solved problems meanwhile that still occur within the ubuntu installation. And I use the bug tracking system for debian testing to document the bugs.
And third I use a portable installation of TeXLive within my account, just to make sure, that the TeXLive People does not have the errors anymore, which are still within debian and ubuntu. Only this installation is up to date to the TeXLive System and will be hold in this status.
So, you see, sometimes it is hard to find the right way. If you would like or need to work with tlmgr a local (portable) installation within your account is the most effective. If you have to administrate an armada of devices, a local installation could be too much time consuming therefore.

Greetings -- Harald
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I run TeXLive on Linux Mint, but I've been unable to update or install
new TeXLive packages for quite some time because tlmgr is outdated. I
would use update-tlgmr-latest, but it is common on Ubuntu for the
kpsewhich command the script runs to return filesystem root, which
doesn't seem very helpful.

There are instructions for this eventuality, involving adding a TeXLive
path to $PATH, but I am unsure about which path is needed. I think the
Ubuntu package fiddles with where things are installed a bit, which
doesn't make the answer obvious.

I hope someone here can help me out.

Best wishes,

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