Packaging texlive (cleanup scripts)?

Marc mageia at
Mon Nov 7 21:31:21 CET 2022

I'm the packager of texlive for mageia. 
I'm wondering if we can clearify the scripts folder some bit. By default 
there are many files which inside which are executeable but should not be 
(e.g. README, jar-files, yaml, ...)
Additionally we have scripts here which are or should be exposed via 
/usr/bin. I assume many maintainers have lists what to link and some 
symlinks like (euptex -> uplatex, texdef -> latexdef). But I was wondering 
if everybody needs to make the same effort. Can't we just have a folder 
with scripts to expose and their name? In my build process I have a bunch 
of find with excludes and symlinks etc. I find this error prone and it is 
hard to maintain.

I'd suggest to have a folder (e.g. export-scripts) with symlinks to the 
real files, which can be installed/symlinked by any maintainer.

What do you think?


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