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> Hi Christopher
> CD> From: Christopher Dimech <dimech at>
> CD> Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022 05:40:59 +0100
> CD> Would you entertain the idea of engaging together purposively to
> CD> the point where everyone engaged in leading the task of making
> CD> free software moves forward long-term?
> I am not sure TeXLive list is the proper place to discuss this - maybe
> we should move the discussion to another place.  Anyway, long term
> survival of free software is our goal.  TUG is a relatively small
> organization, but we do provide grants to TeX developers, with the
> requirement that the software developed is free, see

Sure.  Can continue where you feel appropriate.  
> Let me put on another hat: in my day job I work for Chan Zuckerberg
> Initiative.  Our Open Science program is aimed to promote the
> universal and immediate open sharing of all scientific knowledge,
> processes, and outputs.  As a part of this, we do fund open software
> for science and strive to provide long term viability for it. See
> and the list of funded projects in
>  By the way, at least one
> of the projects is TeX related.  Recently my colleagues and I released
> a dataset of the software mentions in scientific papers
> (,
> and we are going to use it to help to determine the funding
> opportunities.  Of course scientific software is just a part of the
> software world, but you must start somewhere.

Absolutely right.
> CD> Incidentally, I have recently beheld the capability of
> CD> implementing a number of Epidemiological Models (including network
> CD> based preferential model), as free software.  If this could
> CD> possibly excite you, possibilities can be entertained between us.
> This looks interesting.

> -- 
> Good luck
> -Boris

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