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On 02/11/2022 08:15, Christopher Dimech wrote:
I disapprove with much of the ideas and work of the TeX User Groups
Committee Members, particularly those in the UK. 

Whilst they ask us for discussions, assistance and help, their invitations
are most commonly dishonest as they are not really interested in what we say
but only in propagating their point of view and way of doing things.
Intriguing, Christopher — I was not aware that any current member of the TUG Board was based in the UK.  Those listed are as follows :

Barbara Beeton[] (2023)Karl Berry[] (2025)    [Treasurer]Johannes Braams[] (2025)Paulo Cereda (2023)Kaja Christiansen[] (2025)Ulrike Fischer (2023)Jim Hefferon[] (2023)Klaus Höppner[] (2025)    [Secretary]Frank Mittelbach[] (2025)Ross Moore[] (2025)Norbert Preining[] (2023)Arthur Rosendahl[] (2025)    [Vice President]Boris Veytsman[] (2023)    [President]
Which of these are in the UK ?  Or are you referring to the UK TeX User Group Committee ?  If so, the UK TeX User Group folded some months ago —
No wonder it folded, there was no future in it, mostly because of the bad ideas  
of passed over individuals that got way too old to be of any use.  Yourself,
for instance, brought much disagreement, and saw no point in lifting a finger
with regard to the UK TeX User Group.

There need to be fresh attitudes and abilities to follow directions and act
accordingly.  Only then would I be in a position to reconsider.  Funnily,
Jonathan Fine is one I will not deal with anymore.


On 15/07/2022 12:31, Jonathan Fine wrote:As you probably already know, early this year UK TUG was dissolved.
Philip Taylor, sometime Chairman, UK TeX User Group.

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