SIAM packages

Martin Sievers martin.sievers at
Wed Nov 2 08:52:43 CET 2022

Am 30.10.22 um 20:48 schrieb Zdenek Wagner:
> You should remember that DANTE prepares TeX Live on a DVD which is
> sold and this is the stopper. As written in the column, how you can
> judge whether the price is just for production and not for the
> contents.

As one of the people involved in the process I can tell you, that we 
produce the DVDs in close cooperation with all TeX user groups. All 
other user groups pay a little bit more than the production costs to 
give us some buffer for expensive "disasters" like failures due to wrong 
master DVD etc. Fortunately this does not happen too often, but it did 
in the past. Therefore I think this is still legitimate and no "selling".

Lehmanns Media used to sell the DVD, but this is no longer valid. At 
least I am not aware of a recent order from their side.

So it remains a rather academic discussion. From my point of view there 
is no business model involved at all.

Best regards,

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