dvisvgm v2.13.4

Sam Carter sam.carter8 at aol.de
Mon May 23 13:23:15 CEST 2022

Hi Karl,

Thank you for bringing up the idea to do this via environment variables! This is a viable workaround for me on mac os. 


> On 22. May 2022, at 23:35, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:
>    Would it maybe be possible to exceptionally update dvisvgm to the
>    current version of 2.13.4 during the year?
> Akira has already updated the Windows binary.
> Maybe that is enough?
> Or, on
>    https://github.com/mgieseki/dvisvgm/issues/183
> MartinG suggested another workaround by setting an envvar.
>  yes, it should be possible to [un]set `NEWPDF` via environment variable
>  (https://www.ghostscript.com/doc/9.56.1/Use.htm#Environment_variables),
>  e.g. with `export GS_OPTIONS=-dNEWPDF=false`. Both the GS executable
>  and the GS library consider this variable, so it should work in
>  conjunction with dvisvgm as well.
> I am not enthused about rebuilding now, but dvisvgm would be easier than
> most, so ... not impossible. -k

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