texlive2022-20220321.iso installation problem

karl at aspodata.se karl at aspodata.se
Fri May 20 10:57:23 CEST 2022

Zdenek Wagner:
> pá 20. 5. 2022 v 10:42 odesílatel <karl at aspodata.se> napsal:
> > And to Norbert, yes, I put the texlive bin dir. later in the PATH,
> > soo I can hopefully identify lingering packages, not all are named
> > *tex*, and some needed are called tex-something.
> >
> The problem is that TeX from the linux distros is often incomplete and
> not all binaries are included.

Hence I wanted texlive, and I didn't need to change the build.

> It can thus happen that sometimes a
> binary from the linux distro is used, sometimes the one from TL.
> That's why TL should be at the beginning of the PATH, otherwise in the
> best case the results are inconsistent, but quite often you use a
> strange mixture of incompatible files which leads to strange errors. I
> saw a lot of errors caused by mixing the linux distro and TL TeX.

But I kindof wanted to get rid of unneeded packages...

/Karl Hammar

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