minted package hard dependencies

texlive at texlive at
Sun Jul 31 14:11:20 CEST 2022


according to
my understanding is that the following packages are hard dependencies 
for the package minted:

"Required packages
minted requires that the following packages be available and reasonably 
up to date
on your system. All of these ship with recent TEX distributions."
• keyval
• kvoptions
• fancyvrb
• fvextra
• upquote
• float
• ifthen
• calc
• ifplatform
• pdftexcmds
• etoolbox
• xstring
• xcolor
• lineno
• framed
• shellesc
• catchfile

Please add these as "depend" in texlive.tlpdb, thanks!

Btw. for package yb-book, there is "wrapfig" listed twice as dependency.


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