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barbara beeton bnb at tug.org
Tue Jul 26 03:39:47 CEST 2022

On Tue, 26 Jul 2022, peacecop kalmer: wrote:

> i just subscribed to texhax, too. It's also not clear to me what tex-live
> actually is in comparison to LaTeX. The former is a library collection and
> the latter is a format, right? And texhax is about how to use LaTeX and
> tex-live, right?

TeX-live is a distribution.  LaTeX is a collection of macros designed to
provide an input language for preparing documents.  XeTeX and LuaTeX are
"engines", the software that reads in a file prepared with the LaTeX
language and processes it to output as a (these days) pdf file.  There
are various combinationg and variations; documentation for these is
better found elsewhre.

The texhax list has been suggested as a better place to ask questions
about *using* LaTeX.  Another possibility is a question & answer forum
at  https://tex.stackexchange.com .  There are questions there about
using bookdown (an applcation about which I know nothing, nor had ever
heard of before you mentioned it), so if you have questions about it,
I believe you can find people there who are familiar with it.  Do, please,
read the instructions for new users of the site.

In any event, this tex-live list is not the place for questions about
how to *use* (La)TeX.
 					-- Barbara Beeton

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