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Mon Jul 25 16:19:24 CEST 2022

i wanted to mention that before but thought not to interfere. As you 
mentioned it then i concur it. i had no idea that something like 
/textdoc/ exists before someone here in this conversation mentioned it. 
Then, i tried it and it worked nicely for a package but not for two 
packages - found no documentation. As i didn't know about /textdoc/, 
seems to be completely my problem as we always should read first the 
manual. i've been with LaTeX since the start of this year, didn't even 
know before what that actually was. And i'm still not sure whether going 
for LaTeX is the best choice as there are other markup languages 
available and LaTeX doesn't seem to be the easiest one to learn. 
However, for Portable Document Format (PDF) creation, it's probably the 
only language, so one needs to learn it. The downside is that in only a 
couple of universities, the language is covered. Usually people use 
so-called office software instead. So far, i have just read about things 
that were necessary for me to implement. i know that this is a totally 
wrong approach - learning by doing, but had no time so far to thoroughly 
learn LaTeX. Even yesterday, i learnt something: that for displaying 
Chinese characters, /lualatex/ can't be used but /xelatex/ works just 
fine. And if i use default.latex for /bookdown/ then i can't get rid of 
the warning message that /calc/ must not be loaded if /xcassoc/ or 
something (can't remember the name of the package that helps not to 
display /lot/ or /lof/ if correspondingly no table or figure is 
available). i should probably /read the fucking manual/ (RFM) and waste 
less time in Duckduck.go.

One more thought: i went to university again to get my third degree 
because i thought that studying there would get live feedback to me 
which i can't get by self-studying. So i also ask sometimes from more 
experienced people. Most documentation is poorly written and very hard 
to comprehend. i liked the documentation of construction bits and puzzle 
pieces represented during the conference that ended tonight. i have just 
opened the documentation for /Koma-Script/ and as it's more than 500 
pages long, i have no idea yet how easy it is for a starter.

On 25.07.22 08:08, Max Chernoff wrote:
> Agreed, but how many of those users would even know*how*  to find local
> documentation? To access local documentation, you either need to use
> "texdoc" on the command-line, or browse through a very deep and somewhat
> confusing TDS tree. The easiest way for less-experienced users to find
> documentation is to Google "PACKAGE-NAME manual", go to the CTAN page
> and click on the manual, or use the texdoc.org.
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