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po 25. 7. 2022 v 0:59 odesílatel Norbert Preining
<norbert at preining.info> napsal:
> Philip,
> it is not up to you to decide on the license an author chooses.
> Did you send your email to DEK for using a very particular license for
> TeX itself?
> If you think the license is not free, please contact the TeX Live Team
> (Karl and me) with legal advise on the matter, and we will reconsider.
> Until this time, we are honoring the license requests by authors.
The author has the right to select a license. Users can dislike it but
that's all what they can do. Distributors has the right to decide how
they will cope with the distribution in order to honor the licenses.
The question whether the computer is used by a single user is not
sufficient. The user will have to be clearly informed about all
consequences. The user must know that since that time he is not
allowed to grant access to another user because he/she will violate
the law. The distributors (her TL maintainers) have their rihgt to
choose how they will prevent the risk of legal problems. Thus the
current installation procedure does not have a bug, this is just a

Such decisions are not as rare as it might seem. I do not use
getnonfreefonts because I refuse to read their licenses and analyse
whether I am allowed to use them. Similarly, I am developing software
which will work with JSON files which can optionally be stored in
databases. MongoDB may seem to be a good candidate. However, this
database is no longer distributed with Linux because its license is
considered nonfree. The license is really weird and I refuse to read
and analyze it. This is the reason why I will never support MongoDB in
my software. The interface of my software will be fully documented. If
someone decides to develop an external connector between my SW and
MongoDB, it will not be my problem. My documentation explains why I do
not support MongoDB.

> Norbert
Zdeněk Wagner

> > Yes, licencing requirements, whilst clearly necessary and acceptable for
> > proprietary software, are a complete and utter pain in the @rse in the
> > open-source world — I have never thought otherwise.  The sooner they are
> > abolished for free-as-in-libre software the better.
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