Koma-Script doc/source files installed with doc/source disabled

Philip Taylor (Hellenic Institute) P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Sun Jul 24 17:38:16 CEST 2022

On 24/07/2022 16:26, Frank Mittelbach wrote:
> It is a pain in **** for developers if their work gets crippled and 
> then they get a lot of unnecessary questions and can't even point to 
> documentation, because it got dropped.
Yes, I fully understand and accept that.
> on the whole I'm with Markus  that at least user documentation should 
> never be dropped from a distribution unless there are overwhelming 
> technical reasons.

and I have no problem with that either.  My /only/ problem is that 
(according to Markus, who must surely be authoritative in this), 
"Providing KOMA-Script /for multiple users /without documentation is 
illegal" [my stress].  Now Max is not multiple users, he is one user; 
and if he does not allow others to use his system, then the installer 
should allow him to install the software /without/ the accompanying 
documentation.  Now it may be that Markus is not at all concerned with 
what the installer does or does not do — perhaps his concern is that, by 
definition, TeX Live is created for /multiple users/; in which case I 
would completely agree that TeX Live must include the KOMA-script 
documentation if it includes KOMA-script at all.  But then the 
/installer/ should ask, if Max (or anyone else) selects the global "no 
documentation" option, "Are you installing this software for multiple 
users ?".  And if the answer is "yes", then the documentation for 
packages such as KOMA-script must also be installed.

/** Phil./

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