finding document class file

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at
Mon Jan 31 00:43:34 CET 2022


it is difficult to give any advice if you did not write what you did.
In such a case I do not know where is the error in your setup. Anyway,
it might be useful if I describe my setup. In the root directory of
the TeX Live installation you will find texmf.cnf which is basically
empty, it just contains information saying how to override defaults.
This is the place where you shoud add your modification.  My
definition of TEXMF says:


MYDEVEL then declares my development path which contains files which
should be prefered to the distribution versions. Yes, it may cause
problems and I am aware of that so if you are not sure, follow the
recommedation in the comments to set a safe order. Then you have to
insert the definition of MYDEVEL. I am afraid that it does not
understand the tilde, and, in addition, you must follow the directory
tree. Your definition should look as

MYDEVEL = /home/username/git

and the .sty files should be in /home/username/git/tex/latex

The !! mean that TL will not examine the directory but only the ls-R
files, you will have to call mktexlsr whenever you add or remove file
in your directory. If you do not want to use mktexlsr, remove !! in
front of $MYDEVEL in the definition of TEXMF.

Zdeněk Wagner

ne 30. 1. 2022 v 17:05 odesílatel Urs Liska <git at> napsal:
> Hi, this is my first post, actually the trigger to subscribing (again).
> I'm not sure if this is a valid question for this list, but I hope for
> some negligence if it isn't.
> After some fiddling I managed to get TeXLive to find .sty files in a
> local directory below ~/git/latex, making it think this is the local
> texmf tree root.
> After this "hello world" test I'll work on getting an earlier - pretty
> complex - project set-up to work again on a new computer after my laptop
> has been stolen. The compilation stops, not finding the document class
> file :-( However, the class file is not in something as a texmf tree
> (which I use to place manually installed or in-repository packages
> into), but in the working tree of my project repository. So I would
> either have to use the class through a relative path or declare a given
> directory as a root that should be searched recursively to find files.
> Any suggestions would be helpful. And again, sorry if the question is
> inappropriate.
> Best and thank you
> Urs

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