TeX Live 2021 and FreeBSD 13.0

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 11:59:34 CET 2022


the instalation instructions are complex because TeX Live can be
customized in many ways, it is possible to prepare a shared network
installation supporting many platforms from the same source etc.
However, the majority of users need just the default installation. So
what you need to recommend is the selection of the scheme to be
installed and all the rest can be left as default unless a user has
special needs.

Zdeněk Wagner

po 24. 1. 2022 v 20:38 odesílatel Alois Steindl
<Alois.Steindl at tuwien.ac.at> napsal:
> Hello,
> I am quite angry about your statement, that the installation documents
> are that bad, that you cannot recommend them. Feel free to improve them;
> if your suggestions are really better than the current state, I am quite
> sure that the maintainers will be happy.
> If the existing instructions are too complicated for a user, I have
> serious doubts, that it would be a good idea to install any TeX
> distribution. (La)TeX has a rather steep learning curve and if someone
> fails to manage the first steps, it might be better to stay with Word.
> Just my 2c
> Alois

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