TeX Live 2021 and FreeBSD 13.0

Lloyd R. Prentice lloyd at writersglen.com
Mon Jan 24 19:24:12 CET 2022

Dear Dr. Beebe,

Many thanks for your post re TeX Live 2021 and FreeBSD 13.0:

Wondering if you can help me simplify install instructions for TeX Live 2021 on Windows and Mac?

I’m writing a book about the LaTeX markdown package and LaTeX typesetting for self-publishers called Publish Beautiful Books with Markdown: the Fast Track to LaTeX. 

Many of my prospective readers are devoted to MS Word and not a few are tech adverse. So I’m asking them to to step outside their comfort zone in the interest of publishing more trade-acceptable books.

So I need dead simple instructions on how to install TeX Live 2021 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. But the install instructions in the official TeX Live docs are so poorly written I hesitate to recommend them. 

I’m a Linux user so can work the recipe for Linux. But I don’t have access to Mac or Windows systems to install and test. So can you or one of your students provide fool-proof install instructions for Mac and Windows? I’d be happy to compensate for time and contribute the recipes back to public domain.

Vit Novotny suggests that I recommend a Docker package. But I fear that just adds one more layer of tech complexity.

You can see an example of my work here:


Many thanks,

Lloyd R. Prentice

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