Repeated Mac arm64 crashes of xdvi-xaw with "set_no_char: attempt to set character of unknown font, offset 42"

Richard Koch koch at
Mon Jan 24 16:11:31 CET 2022


I'm not going to be much help debugging this. As an experiment, I tried a 120 page document of mine with lots of math and illustrations. It took a long time to get a crash this time. But eventually I did, and the following message appeared in Terminal:

XDvi 22.87.04 (Xaw toolkit): Failed assertion:
../../../texk/xdvik/dvi-draw.c:2187: "color_bot_size > 0": color_bot_size mustn't become negative!
Aborting now. Please report this as a bug to:

This on an Arm machine, but I don't believe Arm is related to the bug.

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