Repeated Mac arm64 crashes of xdvi-xaw with "set_no_char: attempt to set character of unknown font, offset 42"

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Jan 24 00:26:00 CET 2022

Hi John,

   crashes in xdvi when hitting shift-R to reload the current DVI

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no problem reloading your dvi
with the x86_64-linux xdvi binary.

The xdvi maintainer is Paul Vojta. I don't know if he's able to debug a
problem that only manifests on Macs (so far as we know). Or if he's
reading this. I'll write him about it.

Re the debug-enabling entitlements you found at
I'm not sure if we should override Apple's defaults in this.
I leave it to Dick to decide. I agree it is annoying not to be able to
"just debug".

I'll reply separately on a couple other topics.

Thank you for all the debugging efforts, for sure. --thanks, karl.

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