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Mon Jan 17 20:45:41 CET 2022


> Now I'm curious though:
> Is there any way to elegantly tell Linux which version of texlive to use?
> I know that some folks out there have multiple versions running. Like
> one for each release or stuff like that.
> There has to be a better way then to just update your environment
> variables every time....

Yes there is another way, which I think is more elegant: in
/usr/local/texlive you create a symlink named, e.g. "current", pointing to
the year you want to use; also, to be on the safe side, you  rename your
"texmf-local" folder to something corresponding to the texlive year, e.g.
"texlive-local-2021", and make "texmf-local" a symlink to that folder. Then
you put the "current" folder in your path.

Now, when you want to switch to another year, you just change the symlinks
to point to the other [year] and texmf-local-[year] folders respectively.
There is no need to change your path anymore and the switch is instant!
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