xecjk depends on ctex since v3.8.3

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jan 9 02:58:14 CET 2022

    xecjk is a member of collection-xetex.

By the way, does xecjk in fact still only work under XeTeX nowadays, or
does it also work under LuaTeX?

    Can you add a dependency on ctex to xecjk?

Ok, done.

     I see ctex has a dependency on xecjk among others.
     Would such cyclic dependencies cause trouble in TeX Live?

It works out ok, as far as I can tell, thanks to Norbert's
implementation of finding all the dependencies before installing packages.

We'll find out if there's a problem, but I highly doubt this is the
first circular dependency. --thanks, karl.

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