texdoc shows me German docs for some reason

tljack at forallx.net tljack at forallx.net
Tue Aug 2 17:43:46 CEST 2022

In TL2022, `texdoc` shows me the German version of documentation if it 
exists on the machine.  This is true even when the English version 
(which is what I want) is also on the machine.  E.g., `texdoc geometry` 
shows me 'geometry-de.pdf' even though 'geometry.pdf' is also sitting 
right there.

This strikes me as a bug, since:

* texdoc has never behaved this way up through and including TL2020.  
Testing reveals that this bug is present in TL2021 too.

* $LANG is en_US.UTF-8, which the texdoc manpage says should "influence" 
search results.

* I have zero `collection-lang*` packages installed (so 
`collection-langgerman` can't be interfering).

* My texdoc.cnf has nothing involving languages, but consists solely of 
`fuzzy_level = 0` and `viewer_pdf = open %s`.

* tlmgr and friends all talk to me in English, so it's not as though I 
accidentally tripped some global TL language switch.

However, I don't know whether the bug is in `texdoc` or in some other 
internal piece of TL.

Anybody got an idea?  Just to forestall any complaints about having a 
weird installation that's missing collection-lang*, I also tested after 
a `tlmgr install scheme-tetex` and the bug is still present.


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