pretest 2021 begin

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Sat Feb 27 12:58:40 CET 2021

Karl Berry wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I think the pretest area is populated with the first build
> for TL 2021. See as usual for
> details of how to install (unchanged from previous years)

OK, I have re-synch'd the Slovenian mirror into 
C:\TeX\Live\2021\Pre-test, and unzipped '' to create 
C:\TeX\Live\2021\Pre-test\install-tl-20210226.  Following the 
instructions at &, and wishing to install from 
my local rsynch'd mirror, I have typed (at a CMD prompt)

> install-tl-windows -select-repository

which, according to, should 
"offer to install from local media if available".  It did not.  It 
offered me only online mirrors.  How do I persuade 
'install-tl-windows.bat' to install from local media ?
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