version data missing in ConTeXt hyphenation patterns

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Wed Feb 24 10:29:06 CET 2021

[Since I'm not sure who is responsible for generating the pattern
 files for ConTeXt I'm writing to this list.]

If I look into file


I see the following.

    ["texcomment"]="% no comment",

However, version information is completely missing.  For example, file



  % version: 2019-04-04

[Arthur worked hard to make the comment format uniform for all
pattern files in `hyph-utf8`!]

This omission is really bad IMHO, since the version of the patterns
are essential to get identical line breaks for older documents.

I guess it shouldn't be too difficiult to update the `mtxrun` script,
making it add


to the 'metadata' block.  Or maybe it's better to make it update the
`.rme` files with the corresponding information.


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