problem with tex4ht 20200327

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Why the need to build it? Just install it from

The Linux dists tend to provide their own modified version. I genereally tend to recommend installing it from instead as it comes with a functioning tlmgr

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Am Mi., 17. Feb. 2021 um 23:20 Uhr schrieb Karl Berry <karl at>:
>     The test1x.gif was not generated.
> Hi - it seems this has been fixed since the original TL20 release. When
> I run your test file (thanks for providing it) with the current TL, I
> get the test1x.gif output again.
it's great. I will update the latest TL and try again.

> Michal Hoftich has been actively maintaining tex4ht, so if you're using
> tex4ht, it is good to use current TL. In theory you can update with
>   tlmgr update tex4ht
unfortunatly tlmgr is not supported on fedora. I need to build the TL20 release.

Where can i get the "the original TL20 release"?
Ist texlive-20200327-source.tar.xz the original TL20 release?

> although I fear in practice it's probably necessary to update everything
> with tlmgr update --self --all, since many changes to tex4ht have been
> required this year due to changes in LaTeX.
> You can also submit tex4ht bugs either on the tex4ht at
> ( mailing list, or the bug tracker at
> Michal will see it either way.
> We've also been updating the doc and web pages at
> Hope this helps,
> Karl

Thank you so much for your help!
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