After updating TeX Live, loading expl3 fails

Maximilian Nöthe maximilian.noethe at
Sun Feb 7 12:10:03 CET 2021

Hi all,

Today I updated TeXLive via tlmgr update --self --all and since then, 
loading expl3 fails with the following


! LaTeX3 Error: Mismatched LaTeX support files detected.
(LaTeX3)        Loading 'expl3.sty' aborted!
(LaTeX3)        The L3 programming layer in the LaTeX format
(LaTeX3)        is dated 2020-10-05, but in your TeX tree the files require
(LaTeX3)        at least 2021-02-02.

I tried rebuilding the formats with fmtutil-sys --all, but didn't help.

Any idea how to solve this?


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