Very recent breakage luatex85.sty and cmap.sty

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at
Sat Feb 6 16:38:10 CET 2021

Here's a follow-up to my suggestion

Create a simple Sphinx project, submit to ReadTheDocs, and see if it builds
correctly. Then, somehow, repeat the build with the new TeXLive. This might
help experts catch and fix problems before users discover them.

Norbert asked who might do this. Perhaps we could find some documents on
ReadTheDocs that use lualatex to generate PDF. We could then go upstream to
the authors of the project.

By the way, the Python docs are available in Chinese PDF. Two
randomly chosen docs from the download there lists XeTeX 0.99998 as the

I've found a couple of Chinese language projects on RTD. However, neither
provide PDF output.

(Click on [v:???] in the left sidebar to get alternative formats.)

I don't have the insight and time right now to find more candidates on RTD.
I don't see an easy way to count the PDFs on RTD that are generated by
lualatex. It may be that there aren't any. I don't know. Perhaps the luatex
people could help here, as they are closer to the lualatex users than I am.

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