Remote's division in tlmgr

Norbert Preining norbert at
Sat Sep 26 14:47:59 CEST 2020

Hi Siep, hi all,

> I reproduced the same problem of `tlshell`.
> Note that the problem is not occurred if you use `tlmgr -gui`.
> It seems that `tlmgr info` command cannot get remote catalogue version

So yes, tlmgr info cannot output local and remote catalogue info at the
moment. And thus, if a package is already installed, the catalogue
version shown by tlmgr info is always the local one.

It should still be possible to display the correct version, since 
tlcockpit *shows* it.

tlshell already parses the list of available updates given by
	tlmgr update --list
(Siep, is that correct?) which contains also the catalogue data on the
remote side. (This is how tlcockpit is doing it)

So this should be fixed in tlshell.

At the same time I will check how this can be included into the tlmgr
info command, but I don't want to load the rmeote database if not
necessary. I need to think about it.



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