Remote's division in tlmgr

Siep Kroonenberg siepo at
Sat Sep 26 11:37:09 CEST 2020

On Sat, Sep 26, 2020 at 05:52:28PM +0900, KUROKI Yusuke wrote:
> Dear the developer of tlmgr: (it might be Siep, hello,)
> Today I found the catalogue-version in the remote's revision column
> might be wrong in the tlgmr dialog box.  Have you already known that?
> Screen shot was as follows:
> [image: image.png]
> Best Regards,
> -- KUROKI Yusuke

I cannot reproduce this. Probably the repository was in the process
of being updated, in which case the problem should be gone if you
try again.

Siep Kroonenberg

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