How to adjust the $TEXMFCNF variable not to interfere with ConText?

Pablo González L pablgonz at
Fri Sep 18 13:56:27 CEST 2020

To be specific are two collaborative projects hosted in GitHub (a magazine and a
book) of my work, in both of them I used a configuration of the type `auxtrees`
by users (win/linux), basically I copied the lines of the script that configures
both projects in the different accounts of teachers and students of the lab.

The `texmf.cnf` file only has the `TEXMFAUXTREES` line (I assume that this var
can't be configured using `export`), the vast majority doesn't use ConText, but,
I use it to make the tests of a package and there begins my dilemma.

Originally both projects were available only for windows using MikTeX, but, a
few years ago they modified everything to work with TeX Live on both windows and

> Hi,
> you can get better answer if you explain what exactly you want to
> achieve. For instance, you can have your local texmf.cnf which will
> define only TEXINPUTS.latex and the rest will be automatically taken
> from the system texmf.cnf, hence lua will not be affected.
> Zdeněk Wagner

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