Creating a Chocolatey Package For TexLive

Naveen M K naveen at
Wed Sep 16 21:14:48 CEST 2020

HI Norbert,

About id, my plan is create packages like `texlive-full`, `texlive-basic`, texlive-infra` and so on, with each scheme name. That would be easiest thing for me and `texlive` would install `texlive-full` if that is ok. This is something I need to think about. I will say exactly when I confirm.

> I am not sure about how
multiple packages installing into the same directory are treated in

They don't like it much. Maybe, I will let it take the default value. But let me try here. This is gonna be a trial and error game.

> You can use whatever icon you find. If you need help, I made some square
and rounded ones.
I appreciate if you give me any good icon. Something more fitting may be round. I find this thanks seipo.

> Cannot be stated trivially, since it is an agglomeration of thousands
of packages.
What can I put in that field? 

> Maybe use
I think this can be done. But when a user upgrades the package, chocolatey wipes that directory by default, is that any problem?

> What kind of updates? There are a few options:
- updates using tlmgr
- updates using choco

I am asking about updates using choco. What should be done if the user update? Should it reinstall everything? Should it wipe all the previous data?
Here, chocolatey first run a script before starting to modify it and then again runs the install script. So what should the `beforemodify` script contain?
Updates using `tlmgr` can be done by user and not in scope of this.

> justy a note: the release notes and bug tracker refer to the TeX Live
infrastructure, not to the individual packages. It is the same as with
I think what Nobert told was good to enter because it is for the infrastructure right?


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