Issue on Running `tlmgr path add`

Norbert Preining norbert at
Wed Sep 16 16:47:00 CEST 2020

On Wed, 16 Sep 2020, Naveen M K wrote:
> `Use of uninitialized value in bitwise or (|) at C:\tools\TinyTeX\texmf-dist\scripts\texlive\ line 1510.`
> And Powershell Shows an Error message because of this. But the exit code is 0. And the path is added. Can this be fixed?

This is strange, the code is basically (with some if (win32())...
    my $ret = $F_OK;
	$ret |= TeXLive::TLUtils::w32_add_to_path(
		$localtlpdb->root . "/bin/win32",
1510	$ret |= TeXLive::TLWinGoo::broadcast_env();

Where line 1510 is the line indicated. $ret should not be uninitialized,
and broadcast_env should also return something reasonable.

Can you chnage line 1510 to
	my $broad_result = TeXLive::TLWinGoo::broadcast_env();
	print("ret = >>$ret<<, broadcast result = >>$broad_result<<\n");
	$ret |= $broad_result;
and let me know what it says?

Maybe it is a problem in the "broadcast_env()" call.



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