Issue on Running `tlmgr path add`

Naveen M K naveen at
Wed Sep 16 16:27:13 CEST 2020


I have an infra-only installation along with some packages installed with what I need also a portable one. (Just like TinyTeX). When I run 
`C:\texlive\bin\win32\tlmgr.bat path add` 
I get an error message saying
`Use of uninitialized value in bitwise or (|) at C:\tools\TinyTeX\texmf-dist\scripts\texlive\ line 1510.`
And Powershell Shows an Error message because of this. But the exit code is 0. And the path is added. Can this be fixed?

Sorry, I don't know Perl so I can't help.

Btw, this failed the TinyTex chocolatey package verification see
and that's the main reason for the support request.

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