Creating a Chocolatey Package For TexLive

Maximilian Nöthe maximilian.noethe at
Mon Sep 14 11:42:30 CEST 2020

There are Windows machines that are only accessible via a command-line 
or are not accessible
at all but are automatically steered.

CI/CD Servers are just one example of those.
These require unattended, no-gui ways to install  software.

So please, just accept that some people do have the need for this, even 
if you cannot see it.

On 13.09.20 18:52, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Fair enough, Naveen, but personally I cannot see why one would /want/ 
> to install LaTeX using the command-line.  The 
> "Install-TL-{Advanced|Windows}.bat" files are all I ever use, and I 
> launch one or the other from Windows Explorer by right-clicking and 
> selecting "Run as administrator".  I then perform a full install, even 
> though I use less than 0.01% of the files installed.  I have been 
> doing this since 2008, if not earlier (I have archives only going back 
> to 2018, but may well have been installing it before that).  It may be 
> worth mentioning that for speed of installation I first "rsynch" the 
> entire TeX Live installation suite to an SSD and then install from 
> there rather than pulling files one by one from the net.
> /Philip Taylor
> --------/
> Naveen M K wrote:
>> I don't think what you are saying is True. I personally know many 
>> people use chocolatey, especially installing MikTex, but many fail, I 
>> don't know why. At first many windows users don't know about TexLive, 
>> and always seek to Miktex. Now here, that's not the problem. The main 
>> problem is that LaTex can't be installed easily on Windows using 
>> command line. Say for example you are running GitHub Actions, will 
>> the UI be any help for you, will you be able to install LaTeX for 
>> testing there? Currently it would, be difficult and you would need to 
>> have some experience on TexLive and only then you can install it by 
>> creating profiles and using tlmgr. I exactly faced this difficulty 
>> when I took the responsibility for testing Manim, 
>> which depends on LaTeX. It 
>> took me a week's time searching for alternatives and finally I found 
>> TinyTex where he provided a script to install TexLive. After that, I 
>> read some docs of TexLive (People usually won't do this), and only 
>> then I came to know that it can be installed using command line. I 
>> have seen many projects failed to test on windows because they could 
>> install LaTeX. Here, the Chocolatey package would be very helpful ( 
>> All CI has chocolatey installed). So creating it may potentially help 
>> many projects to test their projects, on Windows. That's the reason I 
>> was very interested on this because I have a *good* heart that others 
>> should not feel the pain I faced.
>> Best,
>> Naveen
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