Creating a Chocolatey Package For TexLive

Naveen M K naveen at
Sun Sep 13 14:15:48 CEST 2020

Hi Norbert,

> All of which are present in the current installer, too ... maybe you might take another look?
Yeah, I noticed it. It is documented here also.

I think creating a chocolatey would be very easy. Just need to create a profile appropriately and then install using that.
I plan to create packages just like in Debian, for example, it is `texlive-full`, `texlive-basic` and so on. (I would be very happy if you give me a list).

But I don't know how to call the uninstaller. I can use to get the registry key and locate where is the uninstaller, provided if it is written there. Also, will the uninstaller be an `exe` or `msi` file as it supports only that(If not I should need to call manually.). If you could help me out there I may do the rest of the works. I will do the rest very easily. If needed for any files we can use  for any bath script. (I don't think it is necessary though).


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