Creating a Chocolatey Package For TexLive

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On 2020-09-12 at 14:45:55 +0200, Zdenek Wagner wrote:

 > so 12. 9. 2020 v 1:14 odesílatel Reinhard Kotucha
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 > >
 > > On 2020-09-11 at 13:37:11 +0200, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
 > >
 > >  > The problem in TeX Live is that the programs are not written just
 > >  > in one programming language. I do not mind compiling someone else's
 > >  > programs but I do not have all tools installed so that I am not
 > >  > able to compile the whole TeX Live. I do not like to install tools
 > >  > just for TeX Live compilation if I do not use them for my work,
 > >  > thus I am happy that I can install precompiled binaries even in
 > >  > Linux.
 > >
 > > All programs you have to compile are written in C or C++ and there is
 > > no need to install any tools which don't exist already on your system.
 > >
 > Isn't TeX written in web? This would need tangle and pascal to C as well.

Hi Zdeněk,
Ken thankfully answered this question.  BTW, tangle is part of the
sources and is compiled first, before the other programs are compiled.

 > > If you can compile an abitrary program with
 > >
 > >   ./configure && make && make install
 > >
 > I am afraid it works neither in Linux nor in Windows. Linux can be
 > installed without C compilers, it happened to me in CentOS
 > 8. Windows do not have bash, GNU make, GNU C/C++, it has to be
 > downloaded and installed.

I always install a minimal Linux and add missing packages later.  I
don't want to install and update packages I never use. But it happens
quite often that I have to install software which isn't supported by
the distribution.  So former or later I have to install autoconf and
gcc anyway.

For Windows see

 > > you can compile TeX Live as well.  In order to compile Xindy more
 > > effort is required because you have to install a Common Lisp
 > > engine.
 > >
 > Yes, I do not have it hence I am not able to compile xindy,
 > > But I agree with you that the preferred way is to simply install
 > > TeX Live from
 > >
 > >
 > >
 > Preferably from because it finds a mirror located
 > 3 kilometers from me and our institute is on the same backbone.

Of course.  Bad wording.  What I meant is to install TL which is
maintained at  You can't install TL from anyway.

 > > I'm also convinced that most users don't need the latest stuff
 > > and the best they can do is to rely on the TeX Live version
 > > provided by their Linux distribution.
 > >
 > I agree. In addition, it is always possible that a package upgrade
 > will not be compatible with an older version, therefore I never
 > upgrade in a middle of an important project.

TeX Live creates backups whenever a newer version of a package is
installed.  If you feel that this is still too insecure you can
install an up-to-date TeX Live on an other machine.  You are using
Subversion, so it's not a big deal to run your project on different

The more important your project is, the more important it is to make
sure that it also works with future versions of TeX Live.  But this
can only be accomplished if you report problems to the developers as
soon as possible.


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