Creating a Chocolatey Package For TexLive

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at
Fri Sep 11 10:26:55 CEST 2020


I fully agree with Phil, why it is good? And yet another devil's
comment: you write that the maximum size of the package is 200 MB but
the size of texlive-full is approx. 8 GB. And if a small part is
udated, will the user have to upgrade texlive as such or incrementally
just the modified part? Remember that TeX Live is a collection of
packages with a common infrastructure. If I upgrade my package as an
author and upload it to CTAN and then it goes to TeX Live. This means
that the individual packages have releases, the new infrastructure of
TeX Live is released once a year.

Zdeněk Wagner

pá 11. 9. 2020 v 9:10 odesílatel Philip Taylor
<P.Taylor at> napsal:
> Naveen M K wrote:
> It would be good to have a Chocolatey Package( as discussed in previous emails.
> May I play Devil's Advocate and ask why you claim "it would be good to have a Chocolatey Package [for TeX Live]" ?  What problems do you find with the present installer, and would you not agree that if the current installer is sub-optimal then the obvious alternative (as far as TeX Live for Microsoft Windows is concerned) would be to re-write the installer as an MSI ("Microsoft Installer") file, with all the benefits that that would bring, including, of course, full support for uninstalling (Start / Control Panel / Programs and Features / Uninstall or change a program) ?
> I personally being a Windows user like to install using Chocolatey also I would be happy if texlive is installed through that.
> I too am a Windows user (Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit, multiple instantiations) and can see no benefits to choosing Chocolatey at all, when compared to MSI.
> Philip Taylor

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