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Fri Sep 11 05:19:24 CEST 2020

Hi Naveen,

On Thu, 10 Sep 2020, Naveen M K wrote:
> Again thank you for replying me. Now I and @yihui have some plans on repacking
> the file we are going to download at runtime using `tlmgr` and also to avoid

Please use one of the CTAN mirrors for downloading, and not

> One day, we should have a Chocolatey Package( or

That is for WIndows, as far as I see.

> scoop( for installing Texlive 

That is for Linux. Just another package manger, besides there is already
homebrew/linuxbrew, nix, ... and I don't know how many others. I
wouldn't work on minor and hardly known/used package managers..

> > Hmm, that is indeed automatically updated every N minutes (not sure at the moment, this is also running via ;-)
> Nice I noticed it. It was around one in 2 days. I wasn't expecting this though.

Every time we change something in the infrastructure (Perl modules) or
installer files, this package is updated.

> > I don't know ChocolateWhatever (although I know a lot about chocolate, but the one I eat!).
> To be frank it just installs the classic `exe` based installers using command line like how apt is for Linux and brew for Mac. It allows us to run powershell files `.ps1` files and by that way I created one and also it would be nice if there is one for TexLive also. 

So a package manager for Windows. Sounds like a good idea, but only if
it also does proper "uninstall" support ;-)

> By this I meant about redistributing and modifying Texlive.

Sure, feel free!



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