Issue Releated with Checksum on

Naveen M K naveen at
Thu Sep 10 12:09:51 CEST 2020

Thank you for answering @norbert, I did some weird thing. I asked them what to do(lol)? and according I will do.

>Impossible due to the sizes. We cannot even push our git repository there, since it is something like 50Gb ...

Actually, I didn't ask you guys to make a git repository to upload those(that would be a miserable idea ever). You can create a release see with a small condition on individual files being less than 2Gb. Also, I didn't ask the whole TexLive to be in a release, It was just the `` in the repository You may consider to do it. So as I may easily set up a Github Action on TinyTeX Github Repo so as to update the package on every new release on Github. For example, you can see how I did the same in for other packages though.

I find very helpful. Also, I have questions on Debian Distribution. I also like to create a chocolatey package for TexLive (If I find some time to.)
- Does the Debian distribution is just like the script I wrote for TinyTeX or it is Binary which it downloads and then creates symlinks? If it is so, is it ok for me and @yihui to do so for TInyTeX? We will exclude the packages, which are not in Texlive. 
- If I could can I do the same which I did for TinyTeX for Texlive? Which is the best method to install? And how it is done in other OS(like Debian)?
- Does it include anything or it pulls from CTAN?

Thank you Karl and Norbert for your response.


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