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Norbert Preining norbert at
Thu Sep 10 09:53:14 CEST 2020

Hi Naveen,

thanks for your work on packaging tinytex.

> What is the best way I can handle this? Are you saying that the packages are updated daily?(If not can I get when it is updated?) One thing which I can do is get the checksum directly from the mirror and check for it right? 

Yes, we have practically daily package updates, according to the time
line Karl gave.

Yes, the .tar.xz are all checksummed and the checksums are saved in the
accompanying "texlive.tlpdb" (in tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb). There are Perl
modules to parse this file, but it is a simple stanza based key value

> I think of adding that zip file into the package instead of pulling
> from CTAN is that allowed by license?

We don't provide zip files, though. Pulling from TeX Live is fine, also
license wise. CTAN might have packages that are not in TeX Live due to
more strict restrictions on redistribution. TeX Live contains stuff that
can be redistributed/repackaged/ ... This is what distributions like
Debian are doing.

> How often should I need to update it?

That depends on you ;-) For Debian I do more or less once a month a
checkout. But this is really up to your decision.

> Also, they(chocolatey reviewers) would verify whether the contents
> and checksum are matching and again its a problem. 

In this case I would recommend checking out from the TeX Live archive at, see
the files are in
That stays stable and doesn't change.

> Another thing which @yihui told me is about this site
> in this comment And it seems that the site is more stable than CTAN. I need to know how official is that site. 

Well, it is managed by me. I am one of the maintainers of TeX Live.
I am also a board member of the TeX User Group TUG.
But it is not a server managed by TUG but by me.

So well, it is as official as any CTAN mirror ;-) Or even more.

> It is ok that you don't want to complicate by release on Github but all these problems will solve if you do that. Maybe a Github Actions would do but it is not that I am forcing you.

Impossible due to the sizes. We cannot even push our git repository
there, since it is something like 50Gb ...



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