Best practice to include non-tex documentation in a CTAN package

Denis Bitouzé denis.bitouze at
Thu Nov 19 07:17:26 CET 2020

Hi Karl,

Le 18/11/20 à 15h02, Karl Berry a écrit :

>     - the .rst files (and .png files), with a README to explain how to
>     compile them?
> Yes.
>     - the generated .tex file (and .png files)?
> No need.
> The idea of providing sources is to allow another person to modify the
> program and/or documentation. For that, what's desired is the "real"
> source that they would want to modify (and, as you suggest,
> instructions for how to do it), not any number of intermediate
> formats.

I am very surprised by this. I thought that if someone interested in
(La)TeX wanted to modify the documentation, the preferred source would
be a `.tex` file and not an `.rst` file which requires installing
third party softwares and following possibly complicated instructions to
get something out of it.

All the best.

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