Best practice to include non-tex documentation in a CTAN package

Louis spalax at
Wed Nov 18 21:58:17 CET 2020

one of my package [1] being a python program, its documentation is
written using Sphinx [2] (the de-facto standard for documentation of
Python programs). It consists of .rst files, which are
compiled by Sphinx into a HTML website, and in a .tex file which is
itself compiled into a pdf file.


My CTAN package does contain the pdf documentation, but I have
been told that it should include the source files. Which files should I

- the .rst files (and .png files), with a README to explain how to
compile them?

- the generated .tex file (and .png files)? Problem: it uses a bunch of
sphinx-specific packages which are part of the (python) sphinx package,
but are not packaged in CTAN, although they are free (BSD 3-clause).
Should I include them as well?


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