Is there any xindy development still?

Karl Berry karl at
Thu May 28 20:21:51 CEST 2020

    Here you are (xindy-issue62.patch).
    Here are two more patches I from my pipe:

I think I've installed all those changes in the TL source tree, though
it's not unlikely I messed something up. Please check if you can.

As for the runtime, I installed the new faq-4.html, (generated) man
pages, and makeindex.xdy since I believe that does not require
recompilation (of xindy.mem).

The change to markup.lsp does mean rebuilding, as far as I can
see. Sadly,I'm not enthusiastic about asking all the builders to remake
a new xindy for this now. Maybe you can rebuild it for yourself?

Thanks for all. --best, karl.

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