Suggestion: is it possible to use built-in perl.exe by default?

Chen Yu thecy18 at
Tue May 19 12:27:10 CEST 2020

I encountered a weird problem and at last found it's related to perl.exe,
latexmk, and file path containing non-ASCII characters. The problem appears
on both TexLive 2019 and 2020. My OS is Windows 10 x64. Except the built-in
perl from TexLive, I have also a perl from cygwin installed.

When the perl.exe from cygwin is in %PATH%, latexmk.exe use this perl.exe
to call the script When there's no bibliography, the bibtex is
not used, everything works fine. However, when bibtex is used, latexmk
cannot provide the correct path of .bib file to bibtex because of the
non-ASCII character in path. It could be solved by removing the perl.exe
from cygwin. It could also be solved by using
D:\texlive\2020\texmf-dist\scripts\latexmk\" instead of calling
latexmk directly.

My prolbem has been solved, but I'm wondering is it possible to use
built-in perl.exe by default? This way, problems caused by wrong version of
perl.exe could be solved once for all.
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