Using the option of a package requires the author's written permission.

Martin Sievers martin at
Sat May 16 10:36:56 CEST 2020

Am 15.05.20 um 19:18 schrieb Khalid Hamdun via tex-live:
> Hello all,
>  Weird but true! In the latest version of xepersian (v22.9) if
>  one uses the package option fontsloadable=true, he will get the following
>  warning message:
>  "Package xepersian Warning: The option `fontsloadable' should only be
> used in
>   exceptional cases. You are not allowed to use the option `fontsloadable'
>   unless you have a written permission from the primary author of the
>   xepersian package."
>  Does anybody have such an experience with another package in TeXLive.
>  Can the author of a package with an "LPPL version 1.3c or higher" make such
>  a request to use an option?

Just to add: There is very recent v23.0 available on CTAN.

Moreover, there is a (very) long standing discussion on this package and
its strange "limitations" due to personal disputes between the author
and another person.

@Karl: If you want to know more, please ask the CTAN team.

Best regards,

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