xetex test creation for reading pdf images?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at icloud.com
Sat May 16 01:33:51 CEST 2020

Here's a (very quickly) hacked adaptation of luaimage.tex to xetex. I commented out the format creation section at the beginning to test on my setup, after downloading



Two forms of image inclusion commands are used:

- \XeTeXpicfile and \XeTeXpdffile which are the original XeTeX commands,

- \special{pdf:image and \special{pdf:epdf which are the (x)dvipdfm(x) specials,

based on XeTeX-notes.pdf, xetex-reference.pdf, dvipdfm.pdf and dvipdfmx.pdf.

There are some subtle differences between the two forms, not just their syntax but also the way they work. With the latter, specifying both the width and height in a way that alters the aspect ratio of the image does not seem to work: in this case, the image is nowhere to be seen.

That's odd, because I looked at the associated xetex.def and dvipdfmx.def from the graphics package for double-checking and inspiration, and there seems to be no trick to deal with this, it seems to be business as usual with \Gin at req@width and \Gin at req@height.

I won't be able to pursue the matter or maintain this file, it's just to get this thing started. (And I didn't attempt to modify the copyright at the beginning.)

Bruno Voisin

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