The TeX Live Utility

John Haggerty haggerty at
Fri May 15 21:29:42 CEST 2020


For a couple days, the TeX Live Utility (1.36) on Mac (10.15.4) reports 
"Listing Failed," and the command line gives more information:

> $ tlmgr update -all -dry-run                   
> /Library/TeX/texbin/tlmgr: signature verification error of /usr/local/texlive/2020/tlpkg/texlive.tlpdb.a532331e6182d6465389b597c28fae5e from cryptographic signature verification of
>   /var/folders/bz/377qhyr56234sb5wqg79sgjh0000gn/T/Ada3qVu_ny/oCtvG9tCdk
> against
> failed. Output was:
> gpg: Signature made Thu May 14 10:34:16 2020 EDT
> gpg:                using RSA key 4CE1877E19438C70
> gpg: Note: trustdb not writable
> gpg: BAD signature from "TeX Live Distribution <tex-live at>" [ultimate]
> Please try from a different mirror and/or wait a few minutes
> and try again; usually this is because of transient updates.
> If problems persist, feel free to report to texlive at

I tried a couple of mirrors, waited around, etc.  Turning off 
verification ala


seems to work, but we know that's bad.

BTW, thanks for the wonderful TeX packaging!

John Haggerty
email: haggerty at
cell: 631 741 3358

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